Atlantis Rising

Atlantis Rising - Alyssa Day


I liked some of this, but not all of it. 

In this we have a bunch of warriors from Atlantis. There are seven of them, I think. The female lead, Ripley, is a pretty great character. She's funny, been through a shifty time concerning work, has a connection to the ocean, and has one heck of a mouth, I liked her. The male character, in my opinion, was a bit flat. He had just, the same day, finally gotten away from seven years of torture from a sic, headed vampire goddess (I think she was a goddess, maybe queen). I feel he should have been a bit more reluctant, scarred internally, or something than the way he was written. The storyline was good, but at times I never thought the story was ever going to venture outside of a safehouse. There was a bit too much conversation going on for my liking. There was a good deal of bromance going on and i liked how there is already plot twists that will most definitely be the topic of focus for the second book. If this goes well, this could possibly be a reallly grezt series. The writing is decent and I have high hopes that this author will do better with other books in this series. All that said, this story was decent, and there is just enough that liked to get me to look at the next book... if it's available.