Raising kids

It's been a while since I posted about my kids. They are all doing great.


They are all mad at me right now. We have to get rid of the dogs. I love them too. My husband has been having A LOT of breathing problems, three times especially to the e.r. in less than a month. After a lot of doctor ordered tests it has been pretty much pinpointed that her has developed an allergy to their saliva, dander, urine and feces. He has pretty much had to quarantine himself to our bedroom and block the animals out of there. Even this is not helping much. They have to go. I wish there was some way for me to get them to understand how miserable it is for their dad right now. He also cares for these animals. The middle child has a good understanding, she has a lot of allergies, just not to animals as of now.


The boy, ugh, he is a hyper one lately. His one friend in the neighborhood has moved away. There is another family with a kid his age, but I will not let this one come over. I overheard a fight between the wife and husband about her blowing money on shit rather than saving up to get their house rid of bedbugs (Cue skin crawls and panicky checking all of my furniture). He needs someone to play with so he can get all of his bouncy you energy out. Today I found him using my bed as a wrestling ring and pinning his lifesize plastic John Cena in multiple popular moves. He even steel chaired him with a beach chairs. He is going to maim himself if he doesn't find a better outlet soon.


The middle daughter is good. She has discovered video calls and spends all day chatting with one of her friends. They do homework,  chat about boys, everything while talking. She accidentally video called me showering to her friend when she set her phone down to pee. I wasn't too happy about that. I feel a naked baby Facebook post coming soon. Maybe that kindergarten picture where she has her finger crammed in her nose. Lol.

I am having a problem with the oldest. She is beginning a pattern of faking sick, or possibly actually feeling sick, every time there is physically education. I get it, but her GPA is amazing and I would hate to see her lose her 4.0 over her hatred of running a mile. Just do it, get it over and done with. I have made a promise to also run a mile, she has no idea I already do this at work weekly, if she completes this task at school. I hate to think that if she doesn't do this in an agreeable manner that I am going to have to get a bit mean with her about this. She is too stinking stubburn, I wonder where she gets this.