Arghhhhh! This....

Life has been challenging. I am in the middle of a custody battle with my father concerning my little sister. BIG! I found out he has been pocketing over 900 dollars a month for the past year from assistance received from my mother's social security. His girlfriend gets drunk and tries to call me to tell me how wonderful of a mother she would be to her if "Griffin da damn chance." (That's how she talks when inebriated) She called my work trying to find me and cussed out a client because in her drunk mind she thought my mentally handicapped resident was lying to her that I wasn't there. She threatened to "mess" him up. Now I have court over that crap too because she was arrested for phone harassment along with some other things that I am not positive what they were.


My husband has had pneumonia three times this year. His asthma has been bad in between these illnesses. He has not been able to work a full week in over five months. He was just diagnosed with it again three days ago. He is miserable. 


I have not gotten hardly any reading done. I try, but as soon as my head hits my pillow I am out cold. My days at work are starting at 5:30 am and not ending until 5 pm, or even later. I start a new assignment this Sunday and hopefully my schedule will not blow up like this one did. I want to be able to sit and read a book from cover to cover in one sitting. I haven't had time for that in far too long. So many of my favorite series have, or soon will have, new releases. I really just want to reread at least the few most recent books before diving into the new. I do have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off before the new stuff. Maybe I will have time then.


I have a bad case of the bad nerves going on. I have the oldest in D.C. on a school trip. Everyone keeps telling me not to worry, but the timing is just bad considering Trump and his choice of bombing.


Next month the middle girl goes to camp. I know she will enjoy herself so much. She is a bit jealous of the older one's trip, but I keep telling her she will get her turn next year.


The boy has been in the dumps due to his only neighborhood friend moving away. Fingers crossed that the family who looked at the house gets it. They have a set of twins my son's age. My kid goes to school with them, in the same class. We used to live near them and my son really enjoyed it. I am pretty sure the landlord is going to rent to themake, I sort of called him and really talked these people up and I have known the landlord my entire life. I used to work for him taking care of his mother.


I will stop now. Just wanted to fill you all in on what I have been up to and why I haven't been very social here.