The Chosen

The Chosen: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood - J.R. Ward

I was really beginning to wonder how Ward was going to keep this series going, there was a serious lack of characters to continue to write about, not a problem anymore.


In this we finally get Layla and Xcor's story. There was a lot for them to overcome for them. Layla has twins with another male, Quinn. Quinn very much dislikes Xcor, like hates him. Things explode when it is finally found out that Layla has been meeting with an enemy, and has fallen for him. Their story was sweet.


This is so much more than just their story though. So much happens. We visit old characters. A big focus was V and Janes relationship. They got some rocky roads ahead. It's like they can't figure each other or their relationship out. Throe is up to more shady shit, literally. Lassiter has got a new job, and man is it  doozy. I think he will rock it though. I want him to have a book. He needs a mate. This is definitely not a book that could be skipped. Like I said, so much happens.


Also, I like the UK cover so much better.