Hunger - Jacquelyn Frank

So... Hmm, where to start? This one was okay. I have read books by this author that I really liked, then some that I kept waiting for the action to start. This one happened to fall in the second category.


i like the idea. The way the story is it is very dependent on dialogue to keep things going, and sex too. The dialogue to me would have been okay for a story where it wasn't the only thing keeping the story going, but here I feel it needed to be more complex and consistent to the characters. It starts with a man vamp and a human woman kidnapped and trapped together... Oh and they're naked too. No clothes, no sheets, and only a narrow window in which to gauge time and days past. There is starving evamp, and tainted girl. Tainted girl could mean bad bad things for vamp should he lose his control and feed on her heroine tainted energy. Yes, it is one of those, there's lots of cheesy goin' on here.


 I feel the the characters fell a bit flat. They didn't seem real, they seemed cookie cutter and convenient to me. I wanted more layers. The woman kinda got on my nerves. The male was mean at times and was forgiven too easily making the woman seem desperate.


i do so like the idea of energy vamps. I like the idea of their history but wish the topic was more explored and more detailed.


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