Blood Tide by CJ Matthew

Blood Tide - C.J. Matthew, Dori Harrell

I love all things paranormal. When I saw this was a book centered around dolphin shifters I was all for this. This is a paranormal romance featuring a dolphin shifter and a human male. This is book is definitely intended for adults.


This is really unique. I like the originality, the characters, and the plot. I do feel the execution of it all fell a bit flat.


This is a story of forbidden romance. Sy is a female dolphin shifter making her first shift into human form and joining SBW (Save Blue Water organization) in hopes of locating her BFF who is an SBW agent who has gone missing . SBW is a group of dolphin shifters charged with keeping their breed secret and safe, at all costs. As soon as Sy steps foot on land her journey is chaos. A human male, Noah, comes to her rescue. Noah is an ex military MA  who has a lot of emotional scarring. Sparks fly between the two of them, but their relationship is not an acceptable union due to dolphins being forbidden to reveal themselves to human, or to have romantic involvement with them.


I really feel that the storyline is interesting, but the way it was executed could have been better. The history of the dolphin shifters should have been explained more in depth. Their were parts of the story that made this feel too fluff. I wish the paranormal elements of this had been stronger. It felt like a romantic suspense with just a bit of paranormal. Parts of this dragged on a bit too long making it difficult to bounce back into the action when those times came. The action scenes were among the best parts of this book.


All in all I think this is a decent beginning to a series. I would read the next book in hopes that the author will add more depth. I liked the authors humor and think that it may be the only reason I would continue.


I received a review copy of this book through Reading Alley.