Harables: Short Stories 2

Harables: Short Stories 2 (Volume 2) - Haidji

Thw author of this collection of stories has a knack for making you really feel her words rather than just read them. Her writing is very artistic and unique. I love to read her writing when I want something thought provoking and emotional. She uses not only the words, but also the puncuation, placement, and spacing to make her statement. The first time I read something written by Haidji  I was reluctant to proceed much further than the first sentence,  but soon realized that the style and what I assumed were mistakes were actually intentional.  Very lovely.


In this we get 15 stories. If you read and enjoyed the first Harables you are sure to like this. Yes this is a book of short stories, but it will definitely appeal to those who enjoy poetic writing.