I am so in the mood to verbally rip people apart today... but I am trying to be nice...

It's not working... and I tried really hard. I even bit the inside of my cheek til I almost bled.


My neighbor jumped down my throat today when she was visiting. I was getting my mail from the mailbox and out comes a flyer supporting democrats in some way, I haven't even read it yet. She's a republican, and not the informed type. Her opinion is made solely on abortion, becuz that isnwhat her cult type ofmchurch tells her to. She is a welfare recipient, not knocking her for that. I myself when younger and after just having my first child was receiving medicaid and a small amount of food stamps.  I remember when growing up she refused to remove her daughter from LD classes in school because she would lose her free check she got from the government for her daughter being labels as developmentally disabled. She just doesn't get it. Everyday this women takes her daughter (36) to some hospital or another for a shot of narcotics and that bill is paid for by medicaid that her daughter fraudulently receives because she lies about her and her husband relationship status. No one in their entire house of 6 adults and two juveniles works, but they receive more income every month than my husband and make in a month. There is over $2000 a month in foodstamps alone in that house, and they still go to every food pantry at any chancemagailable. They even sign up at these pantries and get food for three separate families, not one household. I just don't understand why so many people sway their political views based on abortion alone without doing more research.


I kinda ripped her a new ass when she said that I think that because I work for a living that I think I should vote democratic and continue to allow people to kill their babies. I can not wrap me head around how someone who is 65 years old has such an uninformed strong opinion. Just to make this clear, I label dont myself democratic or republican, I do tend to be more democratic in my views, but I dont normally go tearing into people for their political views. I just have never seen a home have so many stupid people in one spot. Seriously though, these are the most ignorant people I have ever encountered on my life. That was mean, but I gotta vent, and it is truly hard to live next to them.


About a week ago the lady stopped over and was super offended by the cover of a book I had on the table. I admit it was a bit erotic, but she seriously said she would pray for my forgiveness at church on sunday for my indulging in such porn. Huh? Her daughter lives in the basement with her husband and their female lover and her child. Figure that one out. I walked outback one night and they were having a bonfire. I witnessed the older woman's daughters rubbing their naked beasts against each others while the one's husband paid them to do it with marijuana. I complained to her about this and her response was to cry and ignore until I stopped talking about it. There is seriously some weird sit over there. It is so irritating to me that she of all people acts as if my family and I are Satan spawn. 


I am seriously having a difficult time not going outside and raising hell... after all being Satan spawn it should be pretty easy to do.