I really miss being here more often

I miss being a to spend more of my time chatting with all you here at Booklikes. So much has happened lately. My husband is preparing for surgery. A pretty invasive one, a mass has popped up near his spine. It is deep, and growing rapidly. Not cancer, but if it gains more mass it will start to press on his spine. My health is not wonderful either. The doctor found a large tumor on my ovary. Waiting for the verdict on whether it is cancer or not. More testing tomorrow and the 28th. I am in pain, the mass is basically compressing the ovary and blocking my bowels, and puzshing on my bladder. They offered me opiate painkillers, for a minute my inner drug addict belted I wanna swing from the chandeliers... in my head. My mouth and reasonably thinking part of me politely declined. If the pain intensifies I think I may have to consider my options though, responsibly I hope. I know that most likely, based on the testing already done, it will be surgical. Fingers crossed. So much more has happened in the last month, hubby's grandma passed, my kid had dental surgery twice, I am tired.


I miss my books, and my book friends. I know I won't have time now or in the immediate future to devote more time to here, but someday I will be back full force and reviewing the hell out of all the books I will be reading. Though I don't always have time to LIKE all posts or comment a lot, I do pop on to see what you are all reading and thinking.