The Red-Stained Wings by Elizabeth Bear

The Red-Stained Wings - Elizabeth Bear

I read this, and two other novels, while travelling out of state to set up funeral arrangements for my father in law. I needed a distraction, this did just that. For that I give much thanks to the author, Elizabeth Bear.


This definitely is much faster paced than the first book. My only complaint about the first was that it felt a bit sluggish, but despite that it was also a great read. While this book could be read without reading the first in series, I don't recommend doing so. Certain aspects would be misses.


Bear is great at character building. They are among some of the most memorable I have read about. I much so have loved reading about Gage in this series. He was once a man, now part automaton. His scenes in this book were very engrossing.


There were questions from the first book which were answered in this, but this book also left questions and loose ends. I am impatiently waiting for the third book for those answers. I am curious to see if I am correct about a few things.


Thank you Netgalley, the publisher, and the author for being allowed to read an arc edition of this book.